What to make Caesar with besides chicken: sharing the technology

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The main ingredient of the traditional Caesar salad is chicken. The meat is cut into medium slices and put together with the other components. But such a product is quite dry. Therefore, if you want to make the dish more juicy - add shrimp.

The idea of cooking Caesar salad with shrimp is published on the page of the food blogger with the nickname vistovska_cooking on Instagram. It is very delicious if the seafood is fried with fragrant garlic.



  • shrimp
  • mixed salad
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • tomatoes
  • croutons
  • cheese
  • caesar sauce

Method of preparation:


1. Fry the garlic, add the shrimp.


2. Sprinkle with your favorite spices and roast for 5 minutes.


3. on the plate lay out the salad, and pour the sauce.


4. Then we put the eggs, tomatoes, and croutons, and pour the sauce.

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