What ingredient can ruin your borscht: Never add it

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Classic ingredients, without which it is impossible to prepare delicious borscht, are potatoes, cabbage, and beets. There are also quite a few different variations of this dish. Experiment with spices, a variety of vegetables, and dressings. But there are some ingredients that can spoil your borscht.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you which ingredient should not be added to the popular Ukrainian dish. Such an ingredient destroys the taste of other products.

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Culinary experiments are often quite successful. But not in the case of Borscht. Here you should stick to a clear traditional technique. The meat broth should be on pork - then it will turn out a rich broth. And for the color to be rich - you need to choose high-quality beets and be sure to grate them.


And one simple ingredient can ruin your dish - bell peppers. It has a very pronounced spiciness, and the taste of the other ingredients is simply lost. Therefore, if you think that a little fresh pepper will not hurt - this is a delusion. Also, this vegetable can simply ferment if the borscht has been on the stove for some time.


What spices you should not put in the borscht

If you add cinnamon or cloves to the borscht for spice, the dish will turn out too spicy and sour. Therefore, it is better to refuse such spices.


Asian spices and Korean spices do not go well with borscht. The popular spice-chopped suneli goes well with many flavors, but it does not go well with borscht at all.


Also, do not add fresh or dried ginger to the dish. As an option, such spice can be served on a separate plate.

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