What foods should not be frozen: they will simply go bad

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Foods that should not be frozen

Freezing is one of the most popular methods of storing food for a long time. In this way you can prepare a variety of seasonal berries, fruits, vegetables. Or it can be meat. But there are some foods for which freezing is not suitable.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you which foods should not be frozen. They will simply go bad.

Wine in a Bottle

The wine in the bottle has a dense texture. And no air is released from the container. Therefore, the bottle, under the influence of freezing, can crack and even explode. This can also happen with tightly sealed containers.

If you have already frozen the product in this way - take out the bottle and leave it at room temperature for several hours.



If you have the idea of freezing raw eggs, give it up. The liquid inside will expand. Therefore, the shell will burst.


Layered Greens.

Greens such as basil, lettuce, or rucola should not be frozen. The products will no longer be crispy, because the frost will destroy all the fibers. Greens will not be crispy and will become very soft. A dish with such a component will not come out tasty.


Fresh fruits and vegetables at the wrong temperature



Vegetables and fruit can only be frozen if the freezer temperature is set as low as possible. These foods can only be frozen from -18°C and no higher.


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