What foods should not be combined with eggs: top 6

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What not to combine eggs and fried eggs for breakfast with. Source: Pixabay

Eggs and fried eggs have become an indispensable part of the daily diet. With cheese, milk, cereals or vegetables, it would seem that you can combine this product with almost anything. But is it really so?

Nutritionist Maryna (dietolog_kyiv_) named 6 foods that cannot be combined with eggs on her Instagram page.

What not to eat eggs and fried eggs with


That's because eggs contain some elements that easily neutralize the vitamins and saturated fats in fish. The benefits of such a combination are zero.


What to cook scrambled eggs with to make them healthy

In this case, the opposite is true. Eggs contain important iron and calcium, which are essential for our body. But potatoes contain minerals that interfere with the absorption of these elements.


Besides the fact that the combination of eggs and cheese creates an additional burden on the body, it is also not very healthy.

Foods that don't go well with eggs


The situation is almost the same here: the benefits of both porridge and eggs will be lost.


We're not talking about all kinds, of course. But it's better not to eat plums, apples, apricots, pears, watermelon, and grapes after eating eggs. That's because eggs take longer to digest.

What are the benefits of eggs and what is the best way to combine them with


In this case, there is a pattern: although both products are protein, they do not go well with each other.

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