What can ruin homemade pizza: the most common mistakes

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Making homemade pizza

Often, homemade pizza is more like a pie. The dough is rather coarse, and there are no crispy sides or appetizing golden color. And this is not surprising, because pizza has its own special cooking technology and you need to understand its intricacies.

The well-known American publication INSIDER told us about the mistakes that housewives often make when making pizza.

Incorrect sequence of adding ingredients

The sequence of adding ingredients is important for the taste of pizza. You should start with flour and yeast, then slowly add water, and then salt. Never add salt and yeast at the same time, as the dough will not rise.

Letting the dough sit in the refrigerator

This is the wrong decision. The dough is best at room temperature. And it needs time for that. You can even leave it overnight. The longer the better.

Using regular flour

If you use ordinary flour, the dough will be quite clogged and even giving it time to sit won't help. To make the structure elastic, add corn or semolina flour.

Put the pizza in a cold oven

To ensure that the dough is evenly baked, fluffy, and golden, the oven should be preheated for at least 45 minutes at the maximum temperature before cooking. High temperatures will help the dough to rise.

Using the wrong baking dish

Pizza should be cooked on a surface that conducts heat. A special stone is ideal for this. It warms up the bottom of the dough and contributes to the formation of a crispy golden crust. If you don't have such a device, you can use an inverted baking sheet.

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