Refreshing orange mojito at home: made with alcohol

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Orange mojito with rum. Source: Sparnimedia

Mojito is a refreshing summer drink. It can be easily prepared at home with or without alcohol, supplemented with citrus, sprite ice or mint.

One of the cooking blogs(love_cooking_007) on Instagram posted a recipe for an orange mojito with rum, lime and mint.

Mojito recipe with rum, lime and mint


  • lime
  • mint leaves
  • sugar
  • orange
  • ice cubes
  • sprite
  • rum

Preparation method:

1. First wash and slice the limes. Place them in glasses. You need approximately 2 rings per glass.

2. Place 8-10 mint leaves on the limes.

Mojito with sprite, lime and mint

3. Next, you need to put 0.5 tsp of sugar in each glass.

4. At this point, take a small pestle (the one used for mortar) and mash the contents of each glass. That is, squeeze out the juice of the lime and mint.

Alcoholic Mojito

5. After that, squeeze the juice of an orange into each glass. Also put 2 orange and lime slices each (for decoration). For beauty, you can also hang mint leaves on the neck of the glass.

6. Separately crush ice in a food processor and put the resulting mass into glasses.

Alcoholic Mojito

7. Finally, pour rum and Sprite into each glass. Done!

Also on OBOZREVATEL you can read the recipes:

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