No fuss: a light New Year's dessert made from ryazhenka with berries and fruit

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Delicious dessert made from ryazhenka. Source: yummly.com

If you want to make a delicious dessert very quickly without baking, you can use ryazhenka or kefir. Mix them with gelatin, add berries or fruit, and you'll have a festive dessert.

A delicious dessert without baking

Cook Vita shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious and very easy-to-prepare ryazhenka dessert for a festive table.

Chocolate dessert without baking


  • ryazhenka - 400 ml
  • gelatin - 10 g
  • water - 50 g
  • cocoa - 2 tbsp
  • banana - 2 pcs.
  • berries

Method of preparation:

1. Pour gelatin with water, leave for 5 minutes.

Gelatin for dessert

2. Add ryazhenka and sweetener to the bowl with gelatin, heat in a water bath or microwave, but do not boil, mix until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Then add the bananas to the bowl and blend.

Rye for dessert

3. Pour into glasses, garnish with berries and refrigerate for several hours.

Ready dessert

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