It won't be cloudy and greasy: what meat to use to make delicious homemade jelly and how much to cook it

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Ready jelly
Ready jelly. Source: momsdish.com

Homemade jelly is not only a tasty and satisfying dish, but also very healthy, as it is a source of collagen. To make a successful jelly, you need to know some of the tricks so that it is not greasy and cloudy and freezes well.

Secrets of cooking transparent jelly

Cook Valentyna Sayenko shared on Instagram useful tips on how to choose the right meat for a successful jellied meat and how to cook it properly.

Jelly recipe

What meat to choose

Jellied meat does not contain gelatin, and in order for it to harden, you need to take the parts that are cooked least often: pork legs, brain bones, chicken feet, heads, necks, calf tail, veal shanks.

How to make a successful jelly

What meat makes the best jelly

Pork jelly sets best, but it's likely to be cloudy!

What meat should not be used for jellied meat

Collagen is one of the most important ingredients in jellied meat. It is found in cartilage and connective tissues. And with age, animals have more of it. So don't use young veal or chicken. And that's why they say it's better to take a rooster for jellied meat.

Meat for making jelly

How to prepare the meat

It is better to soak meat for jellied meat for several hours or even overnight in cold water before cooking. And drain and change the water at least several times.

How to cook pork jelly correctly

If you take pork, cut off the excess fat so that the jelly is not greasy and does not have a white fatty layer on top.

You need a lot of meat, approximately in proportion - 2.5:1, i.e. 2.5 liters of water per 1 kg of meat, the water should cover the meat completely.

How long to cook jelly

How long and how to cook jellied meat correctly

After the meat is soaked, start cooking. Drain the first broth. Wash the meat well, and the pot too. Pour cold water over it, cook over high heat until it boils, then reduce the heat. It is very important that the jelly should not boil, otherwise it will be cloudy. Cook for 6-12 hours. As soon as the foam starts to collect, keep collecting it. This will greatly affect the transparency. Add a little salt to the water after draining (so that the meat is not fresh), and add salt to the jelly at the end!

Delicious jelly

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