How to clean a pomelo quickly and effortlessly: sharing a life hack

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A peeled fruit. Source: Freepik

Many people don't buy pomelos because they have very rough skin. It takes a lot of effort to simply peel it off with your hands. But that's only if you're not familiar with the following method.

A food blogger with the nickname mamyna_ferma shared her tips on how to peel a pomelo quickly and easily on Instagram. You'll do it in a few minutes.

How to quickly clean a pomelo

Pomelo is a separate fruit with its own special flavor. Juicy, sweet and aromatic. It is no coincidence that it is called the "king of citrus". It is also very low in calories.

How pomelo grows

But it's quite a mistake to think that pomelo is difficult to peel, and all because of its thick skin. Learn how to easily clean and comfortably eat with a life hack.

How to quickly clean a pomelo

Slicing fruit

1. Place the fruit in its skin on a board.

2. Cut into wide circles.

Pieces of sliced pomelo

3. To eat the fruit, take a circle and easily separate it with your hands. The center will come off the peel perfectly.

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