How to slice butter for a sandwich without a knife: this life hack has conquered TikTok

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Sandwich with butter for breakfast

If really good quality butter is stored in the refrigerator, it becomes very hard. Cutting such a product with an ordinary knife is not an easy task. Therefore, it is worth using one simple life hack that will allow you to have a delicious sandwich in the morning.

On his TikTok page, London-based chef pierre.le.chef posted a video on how to easily cut hard butter. For this, you should use a vegetable peeler, which is definitely found in every home. The slices are very thin and even, while the butter remains very tender, cool and tasty.

How to slice hard butter with a vegetable peeler

Chef Yulia (yulia_markovetska_official) talked about what kind of butter can be called truly natural and whether butter can be replaced with vegetable oil on her Instagram page.

How to choose quality butter

The expert notes that natural butter should have a fat content of 78% or more, ideally 82.5%. Anything else is definitely not butter.

The color should be uniform, not too yellow or snow-white.

A sandwich with butter that has parted

The question of butter or vegetable oil is an eternal battle, but the most important thing is to combine the use of such products wisely. In the morning, eat a sandwich with butter and aromatic coffee, and in the evening, go for a vegetable salad with olive, sunflower, or flaxseed oil.

A vegetable peeler that can be used instead of a knife to cut butter

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