How to choose a safe and quality ice cream in the store: expert tips

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How to choose quality ice cream at the store. Source: Unsplash

Ice cream is the most popular dessert and product of the summer. Despite the fact that the dessert is easy to make at home, it is still bought in the store. And in order not to harm your body, you need to know how to choose correctly. First of all, you should pay attention not to the price, but to the composition.

Immunologist Daria Litovchenko(dasha_immunotalks) told on her Instagram page how to choose high-quality and safe ice cream in the store.

How to choose safe and quality ice cream at the store

Rule 1

According to the expert, the less fillers and different flavors, the better. An example is the usual white ice cream.

Rule 2

Next, you should pay attention to the composition, and State Standards will help you with this. Consequently, the best is considered an ice cream DSTU 4733: 2007 - this is an ice cream dairy, cream, plombard. Such ice cream is made exclusively from milk and products of its processing.

Ice cream from the store

In addition, there is also DSTU 4735:2007 - ice cream containing a combination of raw materials in its composition. There will be replacement of raw milk with vegetable fats (coconut oil and palm oil, in particular). That is, it is better not to take such ice cream.

In addition, according to the fat content ice cream is divided into:

  • dairy (0.5-7.5% fat);
  • cream ice-cream (8,0-11,5 % of fat);
  • plombir (12-20% fat).
Natural Ice Cream

As a side note, the fattier the ice cream, the better it tastes.

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