How not to fry potatoes: the top 5 most common mistakes

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Reasons why fried potatoes don't taste good

Despite the fact that fried potatoes are a very popular dish. that everyone cooks, many people have problems with them. Sliced pieces turn into one solid lump, burning. All this is due to improper technology.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes that are made when cooking potatoes. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the vegetable.

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Roasting unripe potatoes with green spots

Such potatoes contain solanine. This substance is very dangerous, so do not even cut off the green parts, but just throw away such potatoes and do not fry them.


Cooking potatoes without rinsing them

We are talking about peeled potatoes already. The vegetable has a lot of starch and if you want to get a crispy crust - it should definitely be washed off.

Putting wet potatoes in the pan

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It is very important to dry the vegetable well after rinsing. If the potatoes remain wet - you will not get a crispy crust either.

Laying a thick layer of potatoes at once

That's why the potatoes turn into one solid lump. It is better to fry the pieces gradually in several batches. That way they stay whole and cook evenly.

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Cutting potatoes in different slices

Choose one convenient size for yourself and cut the potatoes the same way. If the pieces are different, they will not cook evenly. Smaller pieces will be overcooked, and larger pieces will remain raw.


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