How not to cook stuffed cabbage rolls: the most common mistakes

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It is difficult to imagine any Ukrainian feast without cabbage rolls. But even experienced hostesses often have problems with this dish: the stuffing comes out very dry, the cabbage untwists and does not hold its shape. To avoid this, it is necessary to change the technology.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes that are made when cooking stuffed cabbage rolls. They occur at absolutely all stages.


Improper cooking of cabbage

Cabbage should hold its shape and curl up well so the minced meat doesn't fall apart. But often the cabbage just tears. All because you have oversteamed it. Take out the leaves immediately, when they begin to detach from the cabbage and become transparent. And to prevent the leaves from tearing, you can add a little vinegar to the water.


Dry meat.

Stuffed cabbage rolls must be juicy. Therefore, minced meat should not be made only of chicken. It is best to combine pork with beef. Chicken or turkey can be additional ingredients.

Adding raw rice.

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If you just pour water over the rice, let it swell, and immediately mix it into the stuffing, that's a big mistake. Cereal begins to absorb the juice from the other components, and this spoils the taste. That's why we need to boil the rice after boiling for about 7-8 minutes. And when the liquid drains - you can add it to the stuffing.

Hot vegetables


For the juiciness of stuffed cabbage rolls, stewed vegetables are often added to the stuffing. But remember that they must be cooled and then combined with the meat. Otherwise, the taste of the stuffing will be spoiled.

Incorrect utensils


The stuffed cabbage rolls need to simmer well. This can only happen in a pot with a thick bottom. If you choose the wrong pan, the dish may stick to the bottom and will not be juicy.

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