How not to cook rice: it will stick together and be tasteless

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Why rice tastes bad

Tasty, crumbly rice is the perfect side dish for meat and fish. Also, the basis for pilaf or risotto. But problems often arise with the preparation of such a product: rice sticks together, becomes tough and completely unpalatable. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the most common mistakes that are made when cooking grits. If you fix them - the rice will be crumbly and tender.


Incorrect proportions of water and rice

The traditional ratios for cooking rice are one part grits and two parts water. But you need to remember that if you rinse and pre-soak the rice - it will already absorb a certain amount of liquid. Therefore, the proportion can change to 1:1,5 or 1:1.

And for unpolished rice, on the contrary, you need much more water - 3, 4 parts.


Active boiling

Once the rice is boiling, it is very important to boil it under a lid. The water should boil easily, without active bubbles. In this way, the rice is steamed. Otherwise, it will be very stiff and lose its shape.

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Pouring Rice with Cold Water

Rice should be poured only in hot water. This is one of the most important steps that will make your groats crumbly. Cold water is still boiling before the rice is glued together.

Cooking rice without soaking and rinsing


It is not necessary to soak and wash only steamed rice. The other types have a lot of starch and dust on the surface. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse it all well in plenty of water. Or even soak. But it should be done only in salted water. A tablespoon of salt should be added to a liter of liquid. Before cooking, the groats also rinse well several times.

Incorrect cookware

Cooking rice in an enamel pan is a big mistake, because the groats will definitely stick to the walls. It is very important that the container has a deep and thick bottom. It can be a wok or a multicooker.


Frequent stirring.

Rice should never be stirred during cooking. It should be steamed under the lid and absorb the necessary amount of water. If you stir it, it will turn into mush and be very tough.

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