Budget spread in 5 minutes that doesn't require cooking: What to make it from

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A recipe for a spread in five minutes

Spread is a variation on a light snack that can be made in different ways: with melted cheese, avocado, tuna, sprats, lard and even herring. It can be topped with garlic or mayonnaise for a special flavor.

Food blogger Irina Savrajande(ira.savraz) on her Instagram page shared a recipe for a budget spread of melted cheese, carrots and mayonnaise, which can be eaten with sandwiches, as a salad, and also used as a topping for tartlets.

A recipe for melted cheese spread


  • raw carrots
  • melted cheese
  • garlic
  • mayonnaise
  • salt, pepper
  • greens

Important: It is better to use carrots and cottage cheese in a ratio of 1:1.

Method of preparation:

1. First you need to prepare the ingredients: grate carrots and cheese on a fine grater, crush garlic through a press.

Ingredients for the spread

2. Next you need to mix the carrots, cheese and garlic in a deep bowl.

Mayonnaise and garlic spread

3. Add salt and pepper, mayonnaise and optionally some greens. Stir everything until smooth. Done!

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