Young and refreshing! The best hairstyles and hair shades for women after 40 years. Photo

Everyone will find an option to their liking

When choosing a hairstyle, we are not only guided by fashion or convenience. The right haircut can completely change our image and turn an attractive woman into a stunning woman. Females after 40 shorten their curls, which is a good decision, as they lose their former beauty, elasticity and shine.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which hairstyles can effectively rejuvenate you. Mature ladies should forget about fringes, especially on short hair. This option will not only increase the volume of your head but also will add a few years. Also refuse tight buns as they will make facial features more clear and severe (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

What hairstyles will add freshness?

  • A classic bob;
  • Long bob;
  • Bob with side bangs;
  • Short "hedgehog" haircut;
  • Pixie;
  • Asymmetrical hairstyle.

What hair shades will rejuvenate you?

If you want to look younger, go for lighter shades. For women in their 50s or 60s, a platinum palette or honey tones are ideal. If you do not plan to lose your dark color, think about ombré.

With sparse hair, it is better to avoid saturated and dark tones, as they will be too different from your scalp. In addition, too dark coloring will emphasize wrinkles, pigment spots and create an effect of fatigue.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote what hairstyles can lead to hair loss. They make them brittle, dull and lifeless. Stars often have to wear "forbidden" options. To find out more, read our material.

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