Why you shouldn't keep orchids at home: reasons and superstitions

Even non-superstitious people should not put an orchid by the bed

An orchid is the dream of any houseplant lover and a kind of champion award. If you have coped with caring for it, you will definitely have no problems with other plants. But before you buy yourself a phalaenopsis or cymbidium, be sure to read the recommendations on why orchids should not be kept at home. Along with the superstitions that shroud any home plant, there are some rather pragmatic reasons to refuse to buy a flower.

OBOZREVATEL figured out who shouldn't get an orchid. And for what reasons.

Parasitic plant

People who are not too familiar with botany call orchids parasitic plants and extend this ability to energy. Allegedly, the flower is able to suck the life force out of its hosts, depriving them of happiness.

In fact, tropical orchids are epiphytes in nature, not parasites. They do grow on trees, but they don't feed on them, they use them as a support to get more sunlight and nutrients from the air and rainwater. So, whether you continue to consider them energy vampires or not is up to you.

"Feminine" plant

Like any flowering plant, the orchid is associated with feminine energy. That's why superstitious people consider it a masculine plant, attributing to the flower the ability to repel potential gentlemen from a single woman. At the same time, men are not advised to have an orchid, so that it does not "drink" all the masculine power out of them.

At the same time, another sign says that the tropical flower is actually a talisman for unmarried girls, helping them maintain their beauty and attractiveness, prolonging their youth and bringing good luck in love. It is hardly possible to check which of these opinions is true.

Effect on health

The only people who can really be harmed by the orchid are people who are allergic to pollen. During flowering, it releases pollen into the air. Therefore, a sensitive owner may suffer from a runny nose and watery eyes, headaches, drowsiness, coughing, and other symptoms. That is why orchids are not recommended for the bedroom. You may not be aware of your reaction to the pollen of the flower and once it blooms, you may experience a very unpleasant night. Or even more than one. Perhaps that is why it has gained a bad reputation among superstitious people.

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