Which orchid is better to give: colour is of particular importance

Orchids impress with their richness of colour.

A flower in a pot is not an easy gift. If a person doesn't know how to take care of plants and doesn't like to, it can even upset them. But for fans of gardening on the windowsill, such a holiday present will bring a lot of pleasure. Especially when it comes to beautiful flowering species, such as orchids. But then the question arises, what kind of orchid to give? What does the colour of orchids mean and what wishes can such a gift carry?

Welke's Floral Blog suggests choosing from common orchid species that are easier to care for. These can be phalaenopsis, dendrobium and cymbidium. The flowers of these orchids are red, pink, white, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow. Here's what they mean in the language of flowers.


It is better to give blue orchids to those whom you consider to be unique and special to you. This flower will symbolise the natural beauty that can be found in a person - both external and internal. In addition to beauty and uniqueness, the blue orchid is also a symbol of spirituality.


Red orchids represent determination, courage, perseverance, desire, passion and love. Therefore, these flowers are suitable as a gift for those you love dearly. Or to those whose strong character you want to emphasise.


This colour symbolises tenderness and elegance, as well as a sense of happiness and fertility. It is good to give such flowers in honour of significant family events, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. They are good for decorating children's rooms. Pink orchids are also a great idea for a gift for young women, as they symbolise their youth and beauty.


White is the colour of purity and innocence, humility, beauty and elegance. It is a beautiful gift for a bride at a wedding. It is also good to give such flowers to people you sincerely respect, such as older relatives.


These orchids were most popular in the Victorian era, when the flower itself was associated with wealth, power and royalty. All these meanings were transferred to purple orchids. Give them to those you admire and respect deeply, to people who have undoubted authority and influence for you.


The sunny colour is associated with optimism and happiness, symbolising joy, friendship and hope for success. Therefore, a yellow orchid can be presented to a good friend. In particular, you can send it to someone who is far away from you. Such flowers are also a wish for good mood and inspiration and are suitable for creative people.


Success, emotions, creativity, enthusiasm, courage and pride are the meanings associated with orange orchids. This flower will make a great gift on the occasion of the completion of some great thing in a person's life. From renovating an apartment to starting your own business or getting promoted.


The colour associated with the riot of nature will be a good wish for good luck, longevity, health, and money. It is customary to give green orchids to someone you wish success to. In particular, in their career. That is why they are such a good solution for office decoration.

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