Where did the Ukrainian flag come from at Klara Novikova's concert in Moscow: Russian media launched a campaign to defend the humorist

Where did the Ukrainian flag come from at the concert of the traitor Klara Novikova?

Ukrainian-born Russian comedian Klara Novikova has found herself in a major scandal in Russia following her recent concert in Moscow. During the performance, the image of the blue and yellow flag was displayed on the screen behind the artist, and the comedian's monologue was accompanied by memories of her childhood and student years in Kyiv, during which she even switched to Ukrainian. Surprisingly, propagandists from the Russian side were not upset with the exiled woman. Instead, they launched an entire campaign in her defense.

Russian media, therefore, released materials openly attempting to clear Novikova's name and justify her for displaying Ukrainian symbols. Propagandists shared comments from people who supposedly knew the situation, expressing pity for the comedian's "depressed state" amid the scandal.

Novikova herself downplayed the incident in her comments to the Russian media, stating, "I didn't know anything about the flag, and I had my back to the screen, so I didn't see anything."

Similar comments were echoed by other insiders, though their names were not disclosed in the propaganda materials. Apparently, despite defending the former Ukrainian, the sources chose to remain anonymous, just to be cautious.

To exonerate the comedian, anonymous sources claimed, "It is, of course, absurd that bloggers are portraying Klara Borisovna as a traitor. Everyone knows that she is not good with computer technology. In her performances, she addresses the audience face to face. This time, they decided to use a screen that first showed her photo and then pictures related to what she was talking about. When Klara Borysivna was recalling funny situations from her childhood, they showed photos of Kyiv streets, and on one of the buildings was a Ukrainian flag. Klara Borysivna did not see it - she was standing on stage with her back to the screen. However, it is impossible to claim that she was set up by those who selected the photos. It was done without malice; no one even paid attention to the flag. They simply overlooked it. This is the main reason for what happened. And they went so far as to suggest that she almost turned into the flag. Clara is very upset by this.

Where did the Ukrainian flag come from at Klara Novikova's concert in Moscow: Russian media launched a campaign to defend the humorist

As for the phrases in Ukrainian that Novikova uttered on stage, the comedian's defenders were also quick to "cover" for her. They claimed that "everything was on point" and that she rarely switched to Ukrainian when sharing her memories of Kyiv. To fully justify the artist in front of the Kremlin and Z-patriots, the insiders immediately added: "She talked a lot about her life in Moscow and her trip to Sochi."

Novikova herself, immediately after the flag scandal, about which she allegedly knew nothing, hastened to confess her love for Russia and Russians. She praised the country, which is accused of destroying Kyiv, particularly the part she adores, with gratitude for the opportunity to live and perform.

Meanwhile, insiders in the Russian media did not forget to elicit sympathy with stories about how good Klara Novikova is and how sad she is about the situation.

"Klara Borisovna is, of course, very depressed right now. She never expected that her performance would turn into such a scandal. Moreover, the concert was great: the audience was delighted, did not let her leave the stage, shout "Bravo." She was so emotionally high after the performance! She was very happy that the hall was full. Clara is such a sensitive person; it is very important for her to understand that she is needed and loved. At the same time, she knows that these are difficult times, and not everyone can afford to buy a ticket to a concert of their favorite artist. That is why she sets a minimum ticket price for her performances," the propagandists quoted their interlocutor as saying.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA exclusively talked to Svetlana Noyabriova, one of Klara Novikova's closest friends. She told us how the comedian-turned-saleswoman, who once made controversial statements about Ukraine, is living now. All the details are in the article.

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