What little things indicate that a man is lying: anyone can spot them

Lying in relationships is dangerous because it can ruin them very quickly. Moreover, the further people sink into the web of lies, the harder it is to get out of them. Therefore, it is important to know the signs that can give away a person who tells a lie.

Most often men are blamed for the propensity to lie. Although in reality, women can also be dishonest. OBOZREVATEL tells which behavioral and gesture anomalies can betray a liar.

Words say one thing but gesture another.

Lying is more difficult than telling the truth. Particularly because of the accompanying sense of shame of untruthful words. Therefore, the psyche sometimes tries to protect itself from such an overload by some small actions. For example, a person agrees with something in words, but his gestures testify to the opposite. A variant of such behavior is head movements from side to side. Also, too strong or unnaturally restrained gesticulation can hint that something is wrong.

An "itchy" nose.

This is another gesture that may indicate that the liar is trying to curb the tension. While scratching the nose, the hand covers part of the face and this may give the feeling that the person is hiding from the person to whom he or she is telling an untruth. Lying can also cause a feeling of shame, which manifests itself by reddening parts of the face, particularly the nose. Specific sensations, such as itching, may also occur.

Problems with eye contact

This is another defense mechanism of the psyche against the shame of lying. People start to demonstrate this behavior in childhood - averting their gaze when lying to adults. As we get older, we learn to control it, but many people try unnecessarily. Therefore, unnaturally close eye contact can also be a sign of lying.

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