What flowers bloom all year round: 10 options for creating cosiness at home

Bromeliads, Saffron Calathea and Ixora in a pot are better than just a bouquet in a vase.

Green houseplants in themselves are a wonderful interior decoration and a joy to behold, but the species that can also bloom are especially pleasing. Yes, caring for them requires a little more attention, but flowers of different shades, shapes and sizes are worth the effort. They won't wilt in a few days like a cut bouquet. In addition, there are indoor plants that bloom all year round and will create a cosy and fabulous atmosphere in your home regardless of the season.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about such plants. And about some of the peculiarities of caring for them.


Uzambar violets are famous for their incredible colour variation. In addition, they do not require difficult conditions and fancy care. It is enough not to keep them in the open sun and carefully water them through a tray to prevent the leaves from rotting, and this mini-club will decorate your home from time to time.


A plant with decorative dark green leaves has a long flowering season - from about February to November, during which it periodically releases unusual flowers again and again in the form of a nondescript inflorescence decorated with a large bright "petal" at the base. Anthurium needs a lot of diffused light and high humidity.


This plant is also called indoor maple because of its characteristic leaf shape. However, Abutilon is a relative of the mallow and blooms almost all year round if well cared for. To do this, it needs warm air (approximately 25 degrees) without drafts and high humidity; it is less sensitive to light and can withstand several hours of direct sun a day. Abutilon has a tendency to grow strongly, so it requires regular pruning.

Euphorbia milii

A thorny semi-succulent from Madagascar does not require frequent watering and will be happy to be in direct sunlight. The more scorching sun the plant sees, the longer and more abundantly it will bloom. The colour of the flowers can be different - red, white, yellow. But at the end of each season, the flowerpot needs to be pruned to give it a little rest and gain strength for a new bloom.



For the specific shape and colour of its flowers, the plant is also called a "goldfish". However, it does not need a lot of water - this bush will not even notice one missed watering. But what it does need a lot of is light. Place a phytolamp near the Nematanthus, and it will bloom even in December-January. The nuance is that only young shoots of the plant are suitable for flowering, so it will have to be regularly rejuvenated by pruning.


When fully bloomed, the plant is somewhat reminiscent of a miniature hydrangea - it also blooms with abundant inflorescences, and some species have similarly shaped petals. But this beauty is very capricious and is suitable only for experienced and patient growers. It needs a lot of light and water, and the temperature and humidity should be only comfortable for it, otherwise the Ixora will start shedding its leaves, if not buds. And moving the flowerpot in search of the perfect place will not work very well - it also does not like this.


These are beautiful relatives of the delicious pineapple. In fact, it is a herb that grows for a long time (3-4 years) and then blooms for a long, long time - for several months, some manage to keep flowering for even more than a year. The flowers themselves are inconspicuous, but the bracts are simply incredible - of various shapes and colours and very, very bright. Bromeliad does not depend on the flowering season. The plant likes frequent airing (but not drafts), moderate light and moderate watering.


The trick to making a Kalanchoe bloom is to keep it in complete darkness for about six weeks a year, 12 hours a day. After a good night's sleep, the plant begins to bloom with small, but bright and rather abundant flowers. It needs a lot of light for this, but diffused light - direct sun can cause significant damage and even interrupt the flowering process. And you can skip watering once or twice. Kalanchoe does not need abundant watering.

Calathea saffron

Calatheas are usually grown for their decorative foliage, but the saffron Calathea also blooms very beautifully. It is called the eternal flame for its bright orange flowers with an unusual shape. In summer, this "flame" flares up more intensely, and in winter, the Calathea needs careful care in the form of maintaining optimal temperature, high humidity and a significant amount of diffused light. Then it will continue to bloom, albeit less abundantly. Calathea saffron is very capricious to the conditions of keeping.

Indoor Lantana

The plant of the verbena family looks rather nondescript and resembles a cross between nettle and mint. But its flowers change everything. Colourful inflorescences with a delicate lemon-mint aroma will decorate any room. The plant needs a lot of diffused light, constant warmth and regular pruning of shoots to keep it blooming for a long time and in abundance. If you can withstand these conditions, it will delight you with flowers even in winter.

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