What color to dye your hair to look 10 years younger: top secrets

The right shade for coloring can help you look much younger. For example, after 40 years of age, stylists recommend choosing warm red, chocolate, and honey tones.

And after 50 it is desirable to avoid bright reds and red colors, which can emphasize redness and dullness of the skin. It is also considered that the hair color should be chosen one or two shades lighter than the natural one. OBOZREVATEL tells about several popular shades that will help you to visually lose a decade.

Caramel shades

The caramel tone is youthful and adds charm. Plus, it will suit women with any eye color. The shatouch or balayage technique in light tones will help make it more versatile. Soft highlights will visually give a thick and well-groomed look to your hair.


"Golden Chocolate."

"Golden chocolate" will help look expressive, bright, and attractive. A light glint of gold on a dark background refreshes and rejuvenates a woman's appearance.


Reddish Shades

It is commonly believed that red hair color is youthful. However, in a mature age, it should be taken into account that saturated shades, on the contrary, may emphasize imperfections of the skin. Therefore it is desirable to give preference to a muted, natural color.


"Strawberry Blonde

"Strawberry" blonde is one of the most popular color options among blondes. The light shade of pink makes the hair attractive, and shiny, and the appearance mischievous and youthful.


Shades of Champagne.

This tone looks noble and expensive. The shade of champagne is ideal if a woman in years wants to look young and stylish. It can be a warmer shade to add natural beauty or a cooler shade that will refresh and brighten the appearance.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The mistakes of women over 50 years old, which add age, were named. What was relevant in 30, can have a negative impact on the appearance at a more mature age.

- A bright shade will help to visually look ten years younger. Basic tones, although they look stylish, have almost no effect on the perception of age.

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