"What are these dances for? War in Ukraine!" Khrystyna Reshetnik faced criticism for entertainment in a restaurant

Khrystyna Reshetnik faced criticism for dancing in a restaurant during the war

Khrystyna Reshetnik, the wife of the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Hryhorii Reshetnik, shared a new video of herself dancing in a luxury Italian restaurant near Kyiv with her social media followers, numbering over 286,000. However, not all of her followers appreciated the blogger's entertainment.

For example, there is a lot of criticism in the comments under the celebrity's Instagram post. Followers don't understand why she would showcase her entertainment during a full-scale conflict. Some commentators believe this is unacceptable for media personalities with such a large audience.

Khrystyna Reshetnik enraged the network with a new post

Thus, in the video, you can see the star mother of many children in a shimmering black mini-dress from the Gasanova brand and the famous Hangisi pumps from Manolo Blahnik, the approximate cost of which is 35 thousand hryvnias. She is also holding a neat black clutch. Reshetnik is dancing in the restaurant's backyard to the song "T3nzu" by Balenciaga.

Khrystyna Reshetnik danced in the courtyard of a luxury restaurant near Kyiv

Many commentators expressed their admiration for Christina's exquisite image, but as we have already noted, some subscribers expressed their indignation at the video in general. For example, critics believe that such posts from public figures look inappropriate at a time when Russia continues to terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine, and defenders are dying at the front and should remain in the home archive, rather than be broadcast to an audience of thousands.

"A representative of the caste that does not care about the war", "Why upload such videos, keep them for your home archive", "They don't care about the war, obviously. They have three children, so they won't take her. At least she could behave more modestly. What's the point of these stupid dances? Eternal showmanship," "Why doesn't your Grisha defend Ukraine? They're having fun!", "What are these dances for? There is a war in Ukraine, what is there to be happy about?", "Hype is our everything", "It's disgusting to watch these dances and the fact that there is nothing in your head. There is a war in the country to donate and help. You're just showing what luxury you live in," can be found under the video of Khrystyna Reshetnik.

Comments under Khrystyna Reshetnik's video
Comments under Khrystyna Reshetnik's video
Comments under Khrystyna Reshetnik's video
Comments under Khrystyna Reshetnik's video

Soon after the wave of criticism, Reshetnik addressed her fans with her own reflections on the topic "What can and cannot be done now." The celebrity posed a series of questions to her subscribers, which she left unanswered. However, it was clear what her opinion was.

"Should I smile or just cry? To endure or not lose heart, to inspire faith, to help others? Can I go to shops, movies, hairdressers? Is it possible to dance and take pictures only at concerts and events? How to deal with children - always crying and saying that it is not the time for their smiles and fun? Can I watch TV, YouTube, social media? Is it possible to work in fashion and public professions? And most importantly, what do you think: is it better to live and work honestly, openly, without double standards, without hiding, without concealing the real from the public? Or... to live a double life?" the blogger wrote.

Khrystyna Reshetnik responded to the hate

It should be noted that this is not the first time that followers have criticized Khrystyna and her husband for "inappropriate ostentation" during a full-scale war. This summer, the couple attended a Beyoncé concert in Poland. The blogger posted a video with incendiary dances to the world famous artist's songs, which seriously angered her fans. The showman, who did not consider it a mistake that his wife boasted of entertainment, defended her, but failed to convince his fans.

As OBOZ.UA wrote, earlier Khrystyna Reshetnik also complained to her fans about emotional burnout, which she "caught" from "news, daily losses, suffering of Ukrainians and the situation in the country." To distract herself and take a break, the woman went to a foreign seaside resort with her children and mother. However, Ukrainians did not understand the blogger, and they openly wrote to her in the comments.

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