"We need to concentrate on something." MONATIK says he has no hatred for all Russians

MONATIK speaks out about hatred of Russians

The famous Ukrainian musician MONATIK ("Dmytro Monatik") does not believe that it is worth wasting energy on hatred of Russians. The artist said that he hates only the Russian authorities, which are the "core" of their terrorism.

According to the star, it is Putin's government that has clouded the minds of an entire nation. He said this in an interview with Slava Demin on YouTube (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos and videos).

The interviewer asked the guest whether he felt hatred for all Russians who support the terrorist war in Ukraine, silently follow the actions of their dictator and fight against Ukrainians. Dmytro Monatik, who had previously called for energy to be spent on love for Ukraine rather than hatred, did not change his mind.

''We need to concentrate on something.'' MONATIK says he has no hatred for all Russians

"I hate the authorities who do this. It powders the brain, fogs up thoughts, covers up the truth. There is a core from which everything grows. Hating every Russian is not enough. You need to concentrate on something. I've already said that I don't want to spend resources on hatred, but on love for Ukraine and Ukrainians," the singer explained.

He added that he simply ignores Russians, their activities, music, etc. As an artist, Monatic strives to create quality tracks so that Ukrainians will reject Russian music.

The singer believes that Ukraine is confidently moving towards eradicating inferiority, and the world is now witnessing how strong and talented Ukrainians can be.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Monatic visited Kharkiv for a charity concert. Together with Kvartal 95, musician Dmytro Shurov, singer Roksolana and Women's Kvartal, he held a series of performances for the military, police, State Emergency Service, railway workers, utilities, doctors and children who were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territories.

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