"Watermelon" manicure burst into fashion: the best ideas for unusual design. Photo

"Watermelon" manicure is a trendy design idea for the summer season. The combination of contrasting, but so familiar and juicy, colors on the nails will help to complement the image with interesting detail.

Since summer is the season of fruits, berries, vegetables, and greens, the manicure of the corresponding shades and designs will be relevant. OBOZREVATEL decided to show you a few trendy options (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Choosing the "watermelon" manicure, do not necessarily focus on the characteristic stripes or draw a circle on your nails. Such a design, on the contrary, will look infantile and anti-trendy.

It is better to focus on a combination of shades of red and green. They can be bright, but no less beautiful and will look dull polishes.


Multicolored nails, colored base French or other stylish designs can easily be reproduced in these shades.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that a wide nail plate can be visually corrected with a certain design. In particular, to achieve this effect, you need to abandon the French manicure, bright shades of polish, large pictures and rhinestones, horizontal gradient, and ombré, as well as a matte top.

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