Universal manicure for all occasions: 5 best ideas that will suit all outfits. Photo.

Colourless coating and pastel colours - the perfect solution for any look

Every girl has had a case when an event is coming up, but the manicure is not at all suitable for this celebration. And there is nothing left but to sign up for a salon to redo the coating. But what if your favourite nail technician doesn't have a free appointment, and you don't want to go to another one? Then this situation becomes a problem. We have a solution. If you know that the next month will be rich in all kinds of meetings and holidays, get a universal manicure.

OBOZREVATEL will demonstrate the best ideas that will be suitable for weddings and birthdays, as well as for sports events or interviews. You will definitely need them (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

White French manicure

Depending on the length and shape of the nails, this design can look delicate and daring. Office workers who have to adhere to a strict dress code choose a short nail length. Ladies who are not tied to the rules of appearance wear a long almond or ballerina.


Red monochrome coating

Red manicure will never go out of fashion. Despite its boldness and brightness, the coating is suitable not only for corporate events but also for working days. To avoid attracting attention, make the nails as short as possible.


Covering with gel for extensions

This option can be called a "millionaire's wife manicure". Your hands will look well-groomed and young. In addition, this method significantly reduces the time spent on a salon manicure. After all, you don't have to consult with your friends or boyfriend about which colour to choose.


Monochromatic coating in pastel colours

Pastel colours transform hands and can also rejuvenate them. A calm range of colours can make every fairer sex look elegant and mysterious. Light colours are suitable for any season, age, status and occasion.


Matte top

Although the matte top is not very practical, because it will be rubbed off, it is a great idea for a universal manicure. Chocolate, olive, berry, mustard tones look incredibly stylish. The main thing is not to do a white coating!


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about what manicure designs should be forgotten in 2023. An excess of rhinestones, too long sharp nails, and inscriptions will be anti-trends. To avoid repeating mistakes - read our material.

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