Twin sisters married twin brothers and gave birth to sons: how their fate turned out. Photo.

Twin sisters married twin brothers and gave birth to sons

In the US state of Ohio, there is a town that was once called Millsville, but in 1818, twins Moses and Aaron Wilcox bought a large plot of land there and began selling it off to immigrants. They soon renamed the settlement Twinsburg, which means "City of Twins". To this day, twins from all over the world gather there every year for a large-scale festival. It was there in 2017 that twin sisters Brittany and Briana Dean met twin brothers Jeremy and Josh Sayers, who later married each other.

Jeremy and Josh proposed to their loved ones on the same day six months after they met. As you might have guessed, their weddings also took place on the same day. But the couples did not stop there - the twin sisters became pregnant at the same time. OBOZREVATEL decided to recall the unusual story of the two families and tell how their fate turned out.

Brittany and Briana are among the twins who have been incredibly close since birth. In their youth, they tried to date different guys, but always dreamed of marrying twins who would fully understand and share their kinship. However, their family did not take this idea seriously until the girls announced their engagement to Jeremy and Josh.


"It is difficult to explain the special bond between us to people who do not have a twin brother or sister. It's like being born with your soul mate and considering it a natural state of affairs. There were guys who were jealous of my sister and me. I often heard the question: "What are you missing?" I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I tried to be honest with myself and felt that I didn't understand why you don't have someone as significant as me," the twins once said on social media.


Jeremy and Joshua proposed to sisters on the same day. The rings were also identical in the form of an infinity sign. The couple got married on August 5, 2018. The celebration became the number one news in all media. It made the twins famous.


The couple, all four of them, started living in one large house in Virginia, USA. They also have a joint Instagram account, where they post only pictures of themselves together. The twins have over 237,000 followers there (at the time of writing).


In 2020, the couples began to plan for a new addition. The sisters decided that they should get pregnant together. However, they had thought of this plan long before starting a family. The girls and their partners were confident that synchronised pregnancy and parenthood would be much easier and calmer than separate ones.


So, in January 2021, Brittany and Josh had a son, Jett, and in April, Briana and Jeremy announced the addition of a new baby boy, Jax.


Currently, families of three continue to live in the same house and raise their children together.


They regularly post photos of themselves together. The sisters, like brothers, wear the same clothes. Although they are not twins, parents also dress their children in identical costumes.


The twins admit that they understand why some people may find their lives strange, but they don't want to change anything and won't.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that in 2006, an Englishwoman named Amanda Biggs gave birth to two twin girls, Marcia and Millie, in Birmingham. They were exactly the same, but the older they got, the more changes their parents noticed. At 10 months old, Millie's skin began to get darker and darker, while Marcia had a fair face and snow-white hair. Read about the unique twins with different skin colours in our article.

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