This product works wonders! How to accentuate facial features and make your skin glow: the secret of French women

Blend the product well

If any French woman were faced with the task of taking only one cosmetic product with her on holiday, she would definitely choose the product discussed below. It will accentuate lips and cheekbones, add colour and expressiveness to the face, and replace at least 4 other beauty products.

French make-up artist Patrick de Fontbrun notes that cream blush is one of the main attributes in the cosmetic bag of all French ladies. This consistency looks more natural on the skin, does not crumble, moisturises and lasts longer. ELLE magazine told us what other advantages this miraculous product has (scroll to the end to see the photo).

A little blush on your cheeks will not only refresh your look, but also tighten and brighten your face. People around you will think you've just returned from holiday. A small amount on the bridge of the nose will create the effect of tanned skin.


How to apply cream blush correctly?

Another French make-up artist, Saffron Hughes, says that the key to achieving the desired effect is to blend blush carefully. It should be applied where the sun naturally falls, as if "kissing" the face. In this way, we will imitate the blush that usually appears on the skin after a day spent outdoors.


Saffron Hughes gave another great piece of advice to the girls: "Apply blush to the eyelids with your finger or a compact eyeshadow brush. Then blend, bringing the colour slightly towards the temples. This will add three-dimensionality to the look. And knowing this trick, you won't have to take a whole palette of eyeshadows with you on holiday."

By the way, in the summer season, blush in warm pink or peach tones looks most favourable. They are harmoniously combined with bronzers and help to emphasise the tan. They make the skin look darker and healthier.

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