They will make you a "grey mouse": 5 colours of clothes that do not suit blondes at all and how to replace them. Photo.

Blondes need to choose their clothes carefully

There are many shades of stylish blonde - from yellow Barbie hair to platinum strands resembling grey hair. For most of them, there are taboos in clothing that go badly together and can make you look like a grey mouse.

To make your hairstyle and outfit complement each other, you need to know exactly what colour to avoid. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about them and offer an alternative (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Red and carrot for yellow blondes

These rich shades will add unwanted yellowness to blondes with a warm undertone. The image will resemble a single yellow-orange spot, and the skin will look pale against the background of rich colours. You can pay attention to things made of duller fabric.


Orange for the platinum blonde

Platinum blondes spend a lot of time and money to keep their hair free of yellow, so they will be best suited to wearing cool shades. The orange top will give a warm shade to the strands, which will negate all the hard work in the salon or at home.


Mint for a warm blonde

Beauties who want a natural blonde without yellowness and white strands can make a big mistake by choosing minty clothes. This particular shade of blue will contrast ugly with the hairstyle, adding yellow to it. It is better to look at other variants of the blue shade.


Yellow colour for any blonde

The most unwinnable option for all blondes is yellow. It will merge with wheat blonde, and add unnecessary yellowness to platinum.


Lime green and dull green for a cold shade of blonde

You also need to be careful with different variations of green clothes. Usually, the skin turns pale against their background, so a cool blonde simply merges with it. The emerald colour will look much better.


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