They lost up to 70 kg: 5 celebrities who shrunk their stomachs for extreme weight loss

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Stars who have undergone gastric resection.

While some celebrities are dieting, lifting weights or running, others are looking for ways to lose weight quickly. For a waspish waist and flat stomach, they remove ribs or reduce the stomach.

Which celebrities did surgeons help to lose weight dramatically? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Mariah Carey (-15 kg)

Until 2017, American pop, rhythm and blues singer Mariah Carey had curves and claimed that it was her pride. When the star's weight reached more than 100 kilograms, she decided to act radically. She underwent surgery to remove part of her stomach.


2. Kelly Osbourne (-38.5 kg)

The British singer and actress Kelly Osbourne has been struggling with obesity for many years. However, her successes were variable: she would lose pounds and then gain them again. A few years ago, the star began to appear in public in silhouetted dresses and suits that emphasised her significant weight loss. At the same time, in an interview, Kelly admitted that stomach reduction surgery helped her.


3. Sharon Osbourne (-12.7 kg)

Kelly Osbourne's mother, British TV presenter and writer Sharon Osbourne, suffered from bulimia until the age of 35 (pathologically increased hunger, accompanied by weakness and discomfort in the abdominal area). She often overeat, and to lose weight, she induced vomiting. Psychotherapists helped the star control the disease, but it did not always work. In order to lose extreme weight, Osbourne decided to undergo stomach reduction surgery.


4. Star Jones (-70 kg)

American actress and TV presenter Star Jones has lost 70 kilograms in three years. This raised a lot of questions and discussions among the public. The star herself was embarrassed to admit what helped her lose weight. Only later, in an interview, did she tell us what the "magic" was: she had a gastric resection.


5. Paul Wall (-45 kg)

The American rapper and DJ Paul Wall has not been overweight for a long time. He started thinking about his health after doctors diagnosed him with morbid obesity (extreme obesity, when the body mass index exceeds 40). At the time, Paul weighed 135 kg. The man realised that he would not be able to stick to strict diets and go to the gym all the time, so he went under the knife right away. He had a stomach reduction surgery. This procedure helped him lose 45 kg.


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