They don't take much time to style! 5 of the best hairstyles that will highlight your facial features. Photo.

Hairstyles that emphasise facial features

The right haircut is the key to your success and self-confidence. Often, beauties are afraid to cut off their curls, because society has a misconception that hair length is directly related to the level of femininity. However, world celebrities, fashion bloggers and style icons prove that some people hide their beauty behind long strands. For example, short haircuts can emphasise cheekbones and jawline, make eyes more expressive, and make the overall look much more stylish and impressive.

OBOZREVATEL offers you to get acquainted with trendy short hairstyles that will emphasise facial features. Another advantage of such haircuts is that they require minimal time to style, and sometimes (depending on the structure of your hair) they don't need to be styled at all - the strands fall perfectly as soon as you get out of bed.



The bob has been one of the most trendy haircuts for the past few years. And it doesn't seem to be losing ground. More and more beauties prefer this hairstyle. The classic bob is especially good for girls with pronounced cheekbones. In 2023, the bob will be fashionably combined with bangs. It is recommended for ladies with an elongated face - this will make your look more harmonious. The bob looks good with both straight hair and sea waves.



We've seen this hairstyle on the main beauties of Hollywood many times. Who hasn't demonstrated its elegance combined with appropriate audacity? Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus and many others. And it takes no more than five minutes and a fixing gel to style this haircut. However, the pixie is not suitable for everyone. For example, round-faced ladies should avoid radically short haircuts.



Back in 2022, the mallet made a name for itself, promising to become one of the most fashionable haircuts of the coming seasons. Well, it's steadily but surely sticking to this plan. And this haircut appeared back in the 70s of the last century. Torn strands create root volume, so the hair visually appears larger. This haircut has its drawbacks - it needs to be refreshed every 2-3 months. But one of the main advantages is the pronounced cheekbones that appear in all beauties with this hairstyle.

Elongated bob


An elongated bob is a great option for those who want a change and freshness in their look. It is especially suitable for ladies with round or square faces, because the front strands will hide imperfections and make the look more expressive.

Buzz cut


Only the most daring beauties will agree to such an extra-short haircut. However, if you have expressive facial features and protruding cheekbones, then there is definitely nothing to be afraid of. A buzz cut will attract the attention of others, and any outfit with this hairstyle is guaranteed to look many times more fashionable. You can enhance the effect with bright colouring or complete hair bleaching, as Cara Delevingne once did. Although Natalie Portman looked spectacular even with her natural colour.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about "rich girl" hairstyles. They will allow you to look luxurious even if you have no time to style. All the details and photos - in our material.

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