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Accusations of plagiarism did not prevent the performers from achieving their goal

Not a single Eurovision Song Contest has passed without scandals. Every year there is someone whose song is sure to remind some famous hit. Funny, but more often than not, competitors want to disqualify the strongest, so it is the winners of the international song contest that fall under suspicion.

Before the second semi-final, which will be held on Thursday, May 11, OBOZREVATEL decided to remind which of the participants of Eurovision were caught "stealing. Although many cases have not been proven (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page) .

Alyosha - 2010

Singer Alyosha, who represented Ukraine at the song show 13 years ago, was accused of plagiarism at the National Selection. Her contest song To be free was compared with the composition Knock Me Out performed by Linda Perry and Grace Slick from the movie The Crow: City of Angels. As a result, the vocalist changed the song to Sweet People and took tenth place in the finals..

Lauryn - 2012

Lauryn's winning song Euphoria, which, by the way, is predicted to triumph this year as well, was compared to the hit of the British band One Direction - Stole my heart what a shame. But the Swede still got the highest marks, beating her competitors.

Emmelie de Forest - 2013

The winner of Eurovision 2013 Emmelie de Forest was also caught plagiarizing. The song Only Teardrops, which brought the Dane's victory, reminded the audience and critics of the track I Surrender by K-Otic. But that didn't stop the vocalist from winning gold.

Mons Selmerlev - 2015.

The Swede Mons, who overtook all the countries participating in Eurovision eight years ago, allegedly did the wrong thing too and copied David Gatta's composition Lovers On The Sun. That's how his contest song Heroes was born, many detractors claimed.

Jamala - 2016

Ukrainian singer Jamala, the winner of the 2016 competition, also got in trouble for plagiarism. Fans of Thom Yorke rebuked her for partially using the song of the Radiohead leader, Mirror, to write her own "1944". We can see from previous practice that this was not an obstacle to the goal and Jamala did get the crystal microphone.

Netta Barzilai - 2018.

Israeli Netta Barzilai was accused that her song Toy is very similar to the hit Seven Nation Army of the American rock band The White Stripes. The company Universal Music Group told her about it. The studio even sent an official letter to the two authors of Netta's song. Had the plagiarism been confirmed, the 2018 winner would have been disqualified.

Recently OBOZREVATEL wrote that in the long history of Eurovision only one singer managed to win the contest twice. The Irishman Johnny Logan repeated his triumph. Read our story to know all the details.

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