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Hairstyles chosen by fashion icons

In order for the image to be complete and spectacular, it is not enough to take care only about a trendy look and a suitable pair of shoes, special attention should be paid to the hair. It's the hair - the way it's styled, gathered or braided - that puts the whole puzzle together and gives your look the right vibe. If you want to look elegant, it's a good idea to put your locks together. How exactly? About this without words tell us the famous "fashion icons", who demonstrate on themselves topical and stylish hairstyles.

OBOZREVATEL offers a look at some particularly popular gathered hairstyles. They will help make your look luxurious.



This hairstyle is especially loved by designers for their models in fashion shows. And it's not surprising, because gathered in a bunch of hair reveals the refined face of beauties, emphasize cheekbones and make the look more expressive. Whether your bun will be tight or more loose, disheveled - it does not matter. It's sure to add a touch of elegance and confidence to your look, along with a touch of sass and sexiness. Take a look at J.Lo - she's the proof.




Owners of long hair often make a ponytail at home for convenience, so that the strands do not fall on the face during household chores. Thus, this bright and glamorous hairstyle does not get as many compliments as it deserves. You can complement the ponytail with a trendy bow or a metal hairpin. For several seasons in a row the low ponytail is still trendy, but you should not forget about the high hairstyle.


Gathered curls


Since we are talking about elegance, even the beautifully curled waves are better gathered in the back. This will add lightness and tenderness to the image. Gathered curls will create additional volume. Do not forget to fix such a hairstyle with varnish, but do not be too fond of its quantity - the curls should look natural, as if the wind did their styling, and not you three hours in front of the mirror.



This hairstyle was named after one of the main beauties of all time, Brigitte Bardot. After the appearance of the actress in the movie "Babette Goes to War", the hairstyle, like Bardot's, became the most fashionable and has not lost its relevance to this day. A few years ago this hairstyle was especially popular among brides and graduates, but now girls give preference to more relaxed options. However, the fact that the babette is no longer so mass-produced has made it even more unique and spectacular. Elegant styling is particularly suitable for short ladies who want to look taller. It will be in perfect harmony with elegant looks consisting of a shirt, pants, trendy trench coat or an oversize jacket.

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