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Shorts that have long gone out of fashion

It is simply impossible to imagine a summer wardrobe without shorts. Fashionistas love them for their comfort and the ability to style them in an interesting way. Classic Bermuda shorts and spectacular jorts have confidently gained a foothold on the trend podium in 2023, but there are also anti-trend models that some beauties continue to wear for some reason.

And it's not just about specific styles, but also about colours. What shorts can be safely thrown away this season - we will tell you in the OBOZREVATEL material.

Cycling shorts


These sporty and comfortable shorts have been on the trend list for years. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and other world celebrities loved to wear them, setting a great example for us. However, every trend has an expiration date. And so the time of сycling shorts has come to an end. One of the main disadvantages of this model was that even the slightest flaw in your figure was noticeable in them. Any irregularity in the hips or abdomen was easily visible. However, you shouldn't throw away your bikes. It's still a great thing for jogging outdoors and going to the gym.

Printed shorts


Forget about printed shorts forever. It doesn't matter what kind of pattern is depicted: stripes, peas, checks, flowers (large and small), various contours and silhouettes - all these are signs of bad taste. In such shorts, you run the risk of looking infantile and even comical, and in some cases, you can also visually add extra pounds. If you want to add brightness to your summer look, then take a closer look at monochrome models. Bermuda shorts made of linen or cotton will look interesting in a bright palette.

Shorts with lapels


Let's be brief here - shorts with hems went out of fashion many years ago. If you still have them gathering dust in your closet, it's time to say goodbye to them for good.

Flared shorts


The loose cut of these shorts resembles a skirt. Such models are not very popular among modern fashionistas. And to be honest, this is very good news. This style sins with proportions, so even the owner of ideal parameters runs the risk of looking bad in them. In general, flared shorts are a categorical "no".

Paper pants shorts


No matter how hard you try, these shorts have no chance of survival. Not only did they lose their relevance a few seasons ago, but they are also on the list of models that are very fattening. The gathering at the waist and wide leg adds volume to the hips, making the silhouette look large and somewhat shapeless.

As OBOZREVATEL recently wrote, jeans with laces and a short ballerina in 2023 are terrifying in their tastelessness. To find out what other trends of the 2000s have lost their relevance, read our article.

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