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Wolf haircut

The so-called "wolf" haircut has burst onto the trendy scene, and is already being adopted by world stars, inspiring their fans to experiment with their hair. The trendy hairstyle is a cross between a controversial mullet and shaggy hair, born of 70s fashion. Its zest is in its "imperfection", but at the same time, its absolutely structured and styled effect.

These haircuts were demonstrated by rock icons of the 70s and 80s of the last century, and today they are repeated by famous fashionistas in a more modern and feminine interpretation. OBOZREVATEL will tell you more about the wolf haircut and its features.

What is a wolf haircut?

It's a layered haircut with long ends that look like feathers flowing over the shoulders. This hairstyle plays on the juxtaposition of textures. It is effectively complemented by fringe bangs that expressively frame the cheekbones and lengthen the face. "Wolf" is perfect for thick hair, it softens too sharp features, but at the same time emphasises angularity, making your look seductive and daring.


Many people confuse the "wolf" and the "butterfly". The second variant is more feminine, but the first is more discontinuous, with cascading length, large volume and texture.

Who does the wolf haircut suit?

Due to its variability, this haircut will suit any type of face and any look. It will perfectly fit into both the elegant and restrained style of a "rich girl" and bold rocker outfits. One thing is for sure - you will gain confidence with the "wolf".


Straight, thick hair is best suited for this haircut, which requires a pronounced layering effect. However, thinner and flatter hair will not be left out, as this cut will naturally create volume at the roots. "Wolf" can also be adapted to curly hair. The result will be more rebellious and energetic, and the haircut will emphasise the beauty of the curls.


The only exception is age. After 45 years of age, such a haircut will most likely look inappropriate, and there is a risk of adding a few extra years to your appearance, so you should not experiment.

It's also worth talking about the colour of your hair. The wolf haircut looks best on monochromatic hair, whether it's blond, light brown, chocolate, or other shades.


How to style the "wolf"?

Good news for those who don't like or don't know how to tinker with their curls, spending hours in front of the mirror to achieve the desired result. With the "wolf", there will be no hassle - after washing, you just need to blow-dry your hair with your head tilted down, and the wind will help you complete the styling after you go out. You can use a volumising spray and comb the ends randomly with your fingers.


Since this haircut already has a structure and shape, it leaves little room for various original hairstyles or the desire to tie your hair back. However, you can use accessories to add style: hairpins, headbands, crab clips, etc.

Practical for everyday use, the wolf haircut also has the advantage of being durable and does not require frequent alterations in the salon. After 4 months, it can usually be trimmed for freshness, although as it grows out, the gradation of the hairstyle remains natural. But bangs and facial contours should be taken care of more regularly, visiting a hairdresser at least once every two months.


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