The star of the TV series "School" had an affair with Morgenstern, who fled from Russia and kept silent about the war. Photo by

Scandalous Ukrainian actress Lisa Vasilenko, who gained popularity thanks to her starring role in the TV series "Shkola" and later moved to Russia, had an affair with the Russian rapper Alisher Morgenstern. Now the newly-minted couple is vacationing in Dubai, keeping quiet about the war in Ukraine.

Both stars chose one strategy for themselves - not to tell their millions of Russian subscribers about the genocide of Ukrainians. A photo of the couple kissing spread in propaganda Telegram channels (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

According to the above-mentioned channels, Morgenstern and Vasylenko were spotted on vacation and managed to film their kiss. Videos with the stars appeared on the network before, but they did not officially talk about their relationship.


The actress continues to conduct her social media as if there are no tragic events in her country every day whose perpetrators are Russian citizens - she shoots videos to Russian music, keeps quiet about the murders of her compatriots, and continues to chat with "good Russians."

Morgenstern had problems with the Russian authorities even before the full-blown war, but after February 24 he left the country and continued to make money from Russians abroad.

The singer's team included a Ukrainian whose mother was under fire in Odesa. Her voice message and Gordon's quote were added by the artist to his track "12," and it became the only public statement against the war. However, neither in the song, nor in social networks Morgenstern never directly accused Russia of starting the war, so his words could be interpreted differently by the same Russians.

It is also worth recalling that Vasylenko lived and worked in the Russian Federation until February 24, 2022, when she did not hesitate to say that she would rather die there than in Ukraine. Subsequently, the artist returned home and repented in tears for her actions, saying that it was hard for her in Moscow. Read more about her path to "patriotism" here.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that the Ukrainian fighter of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Igor Losing noted controversial action - in the story the Kyiv citizen posted a joint video with Morgenstern.

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