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Polo is a very versatile closet item. You can wear it to informal meetings with friends, on a date or to the office. This piece can be easily styled with both sportswear and classic clothes. You should not be afraid to experiment.

Telling the story OBOZREVATEL with what you can combine polo. Each outing in these images will be spectacular.

1. Polo and oversize jacket or coat

If you wear a polo and a classic jacket - it will emphasize your fragility and femininity. And a bold and rebellious image will come out with a free cut jacket. What is closer to your heart and mood - choose that variant.


2. With shorts or jumpsuit

This option is a great solution in the heat. With the style of shorts you can make the image strict or relaxed. And the combination with a jumpsuit will be appropriate for walks or trips.


3. Polo and joggers.

After the pandemic, jogger pants (modernized sweatpants, with a characteristic belt with a drawstring instead of the traditional buckle and cuffs at the end of the pants) "broke" into the trends. They are practical, stylish and perfectly adjust the silhouette. Combine the polo and this pant style to create the most comfortable weekend look.


4. With midi skirts.

A sports polo can harmonize with a romantic look or an office outfit. For this purpose, wear a shirt with a midi skirt and ballet flats or sharp-nosed shoes. Complete the look with a bright bag and sunglasses.


5. With costumes.

It's a game of contrasts. The combination of a sports polo and a classic suit creates a relaxed and spectacular bow. This option is suitable for those who are tired of the classic combination with a blouse or shirt.


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