The representative of Moldova at Eurovision 2023 thanked Ukraine for peace after the performance in the finals. Video

In Liverpool right now there is a grand final of Eurovision-2023 on behalf of Ukraine. One of the 26 finalists is the representative of Moldova Pasha Parfenii, who plans to get the crystal microphone thanks to the song Soarele și Luna. At the end of his performance, the musician touchingly addressed Ukrainians.

This was revealed to OBOZREVATEL while watching the live broadcast. Pasha thanked Ukraine for the fact that there is peace in his home country.

The words of the contestant were translated by Ukrainian Eurovision commentator Timur Miroshnichenko.

"Thanked Ukraine for the peace in Moldova, " the presenter conveyed the Moldovan's message.


It is worth noting that Parfeniy has been actively supporting Ukraine since 2014 because he has relatives and close friends living here, in particular, the performer's grandmother - from Vinnytsia.


"Friends, you're doing a great job. My grandmother is from Vinnytsia. Many of my relatives, and friends are in Ukraine now. They are struggling. They have a lot of problems. Moldova is a small country but with a big heart. We are always ready to help you. Since 2014 I am always with you with all my heart, friends, and I always support you," the singer said the day before.

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