The most "bold" trend of the summer: what is the Aperol Spritz manicure, which conquered the fashionistas. Photo

Aperol Spritz Nails conquered fashionistas

The fashion for bright manicures in summer becomes the most actual. The year 2023 brought a new juicy trend to the industry - Aperol Spritz, which bears the name of a famous cocktail.

Venetian Aperol Spritz, a sparkling wine-based drink usually served as an aperitif in northeastern Italy, is a great thirst quencher in the summer, which is why this cocktail becomes most popular in the warm season. The editors of Cosmopolitan magazine told us what is special about the new trend inspired by the famous Aperol (scroll to the end of the page to see the photo).

From the cocktail trend manicure received not only the name, but also the characteristic color. The drink is served in a large glass with ice. At the bottom it is a deep orange color, and to the top it dissipates. Aperol Spritz is so popular around the world that they named the gradient on nails in its honor.


A design where the orange shade gradually changes to white, milky or less saturated and is called Aperol Spritz Nails. It can be done in the salon and at home. To do this, you need to carefully create a transition from one shade to another.

The best trend manicure will look best with a glossy top, like an original cocktail. Matte finish will give a different result.


Complement such a bright design can be imitation drops, inscriptions, glitter or other decorations, but it should be remembered that the excess of rhinestones will give out tastelessness and spoil the concept of Aperol Spritz Nails.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL also wrote that animal prints again broke into the list of manicure trends of 2023. Actual ideas of "leopard" manicure for summer 2023 - see in our material.

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