Taras Topolya, who announced a concert in the Crimea in 2024, hinted that he "knows something" and joked about the beginning of the "warm-up"

"Antytila" is preparing to perform in Crimea in 2024

The leader of the band "Antytila" Taras Topolya commented on the announced concert of the group in the Crimea on August 23, 2024 for the first time. The artist joked that the "warming up" has already begun, hinting at the explosions on the peninsula, and urged to take their future performance in Yalta as a very real story.

However, the singer added that the announcement of the concert is, in particular, a psychological and informational operation. The corresponding comment was heard in Topolya's interview on the air of Telethon (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page)

"The program there will be unique. There's going to be a very good warm-up. It's already started. Warming up literally," the singer joked.


Taras Topolya reminded that most of the war is just fighting, but information confrontation also plays an important role. The vocalist assured that the concert "Antytila" is a realistic story, and the residents of the Crimea should ask themselves why the stars are confidently preparing for the performance in 2024.

"War is about psychology, about signals and about information operations. That's why Antytila is very realistic in its predictions about the 24th year. And our announcement. Let's put it this way. Ask yourself the question, "What if the Antytila know something? Let them ask themselves this question in Taman, in Sevastopol. A lot has happened after the announcement of this concert and a lot more is going to happen," said the performer.

Recall that the performance in Yalta stars announced in late April, but it has already bought a few thousand tickets, according to the leader of the band.


As wrote OBOZREVATEL, Taras Topolya commented on the scandal with the Secretary of State Inna Solodka, who made a remix of the song "Fortetsya Bakhmut". The vocalist assured, he himself gave a phonogram to the official, but did not know that the video will be distributed in the network.

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