Stylish hairstyle can change beyond recognition: photos of the most incredible transformations and the main secrets

The most incredible transformations with hairstyles

It is said that a good hairdresser can replace a plastic surgeon. With the right haircut or hair colour change, they can adjust the proportions of the face, hide some of its defects, such as the shape of the ears or the oval of the face, as well as rejuvenate and, of course, give you confidence.

As proof, hairdressers demonstrate the incredible transformations of their clients in collages of two photos - before and after the hairstyle change. OBOZREVATEL has collected several such examples.


It's important to understand that finding the perfect haircut is sometimes a long and difficult journey, during which it's important to take into account a large number of factors. In particular, the anatomical features of the face and head shape. Ignoring them can lead to an imbalance in proportions.


In addition, it is important to consider the density, texture and quality of your hair in general. Don't forget about the physiological characteristics of your hair. For example, if your hair is prone to grease and needs to be washed daily, then it is obvious that a short or not too long haircut will be a more rational choice that will make your life easier by eliminating the tedious washing, drying and styling.


For severely damaged hair, a humane solution is to cut off the dry ends. Thin, dull, split ends will only make your hair look unhealthy, so don't cut it too long. In addition, this will benefit your curls - it will help them recover faster. Remember that there is no great beauty in long but weakened hair.


Speaking of long hair, the older a woman gets, the more a short haircut suits her. Of course, it depends not only on age, but you shouldn't ignore this factor either. A number of stylists emphasise that at a young age, a long braid is adornment, and at a mature age, it will forgive.


Logically, the first thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the shape of your face. Oval-shaped women are probably the luckiest, as this shape is considered to be conditionally "perfect", which means that any haircut will suit them.


Round-faced ladies are advised to experiment with asymmetry in their hairstyle. For example, medium-length hair with an oblique parting and long, bevelled bangs. Do not wear too long curls, especially if you do not have bangs. It is also better not to comb your hair too smoothly and not to cut short bangs.


For girls with a triangular face shape, we recommend a bob just above or below the chin with clear elongated bangs, oblique parting, and long coarse curls.


Ladies with a rectangular face shape can make thick, bevelled bangs or a long, asymmetrical bob. Any asymmetrical shape is also suitable. But you should not take risks and make a bob at the chin level.


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