Socks will be perfectly clean: a traditional kitchen product will help

The warm half of the year is the season of dust when the white socks we wear under lightweight sneakers and sneakers quickly turn gray. It can be very difficult to get rid of this stain.

But The Express has some tips for getting your socks back white quickly and easily. All the necessary tools for this purpose can be found in almost any kitchen. We are talking about the usual baking soda and white vinegar.

Of course, you can use a chemical bleach, but the aggressive substances in its composition - oxygen or chlorine - can quickly damage the fibers of the fabric. Soda also washes socks in a much more delicate way. In addition, it effectively absorbs all unpleasant odors.

To start the socks should be soaked in a soda solution. To do this, you need to add half a cup of baking soda to a basin with warm water and stir well. The thing should stand in this liquid for several hours. Ideally - all night, or if it is more convenient for you to do such manipulations in the morning, then the whole working day. After the socks are well soaked in soda, they need to squeeze well - much of the contamination will leave already at this stage.

After that, the knitted product is sent to the washing machine, and another half a cup of baking soda is added to the drum. But since this remedy can make the fabric stiff, then two more tablespoons of vinegar are poured into the conditioner compartment - it, on the contrary, softens the textile. And the vinegar also has a bleaching and deodorizing effect.

Wash with such additional agents should be on a full cycle at 40 degrees. If you dry the socks washed in this way in the open air, they will not have any extraneous odors.

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