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It's no secret that hair is an important element of the overall image, and sometimes it's the main coloring, so its choice should be approached with the utmost responsibility. A correctly chosen hairstyle or haircut will definitely attract attention, declaring you an elegant and stylish beauty. The wrong style, on the other hand, will lead to a fashion flop and will add an extra ten years to your look.

Hairstyles that age, focus attention on facial wrinkles, making them more expressive, increasing the visibility of bags under the eyes, and emphasizing all the unevenness of the skin. To avoid this happening to you, OBOZREVATEL suggests familiarizing yourself with such hairstyles and avoiding them, especially if you are already over 40.

Thin tight curls


We are not talking about naturally frizzy hair, but rather about a hairstyle in which women use a curler or curler to create such lush hairstyles. Probably, ladies do it because they want to rejuvenate their image with flirty curls, but they will have exactly the opposite effect. Your facial features become coarser, and therefore visually beautiful women look older. In addition, you run the risk of adding an inappropriate infantile image, so it is better to avoid such a hairstyle.



The comb-over is an irrelevant topic for a long time now, but it continues to occur on the heads of ladies. But this hairstyle can age even very young beauties. A bouffant backcombs will attract unwanted attention to the sparse and thin hair, which loses its beauty with age. In addition, a comb can seriously damage your locks. The fact is that the scales that cover the hair will peel, due to which your strands will become brittle and dull.



This is a popular hairstyle from the '80s that is also known as the "French Bunch" or the "twist." It may seem elegant and sophisticated to some, but trust me, there are many more stylish and trendy alternatives. A "shell", on the other hand, can add an unnecessary 10 years to your look.

Lightening to disguise gray hair


This is one of the most common mistakes among ladies 40+ who want to hide the signs of aging. It only gets worse, as you might have guessed by now. Using highlights or full root lightening as the only means of masking gray hair results in dry, overly lightened strands that look sickly.



Pixie is a dangerous haircut that suits very few people. However, women at that age for some reason often do it, because there is a misconception that hair with age should become shorter - they say, long locks are only for the young. Even if you wanted to remove the length, then look at the trendy bob or lengthened carriage, but do not take risks for the sake of pixie. This hairstyle can create a wider facial oval and accentuate every wrinkle.

Short bangs


Short bangs are not the best option for those who want to look younger. The fact is that the line of bangs automatically emphasizes the wrinkles on the forehead. And if you are the owner of a round face, there is a risk to round it even more, adding not only extra years but also weight.

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