Shine like new: how to easily remove old grease from your oven rack

Cleaning the grille is much easier than it might seem

The most tedious part of cleaning the kitchen is cleaning the oven. When it comes to the rack, it's covered in grease, burnt food residue and strange dirt. Even with the most careful use, there's no getting away from the sticky grease. No matter how long you put it off, you'll still have to clean it.

According to the Express, the popular housewife Mrs Hinch shared a life hack on how to clean the grids from old grease without any extra effort. She suggested soaking oven trays in fabric softener to make them look like new.

The post received more than 100 comments, where fellow cleaning enthusiasts, for the most part, suggested using a baking soda solution.


Dissolve the baking soda in hot water and soak the baking tray or grid in it for several hours, or better yet, leave it overnight. After that, no additional cleaning or chemicals are required, just rinse the grill with water and a washcloth or rough cloth and it will be as good as new. A very good, economical and environmentally friendly method.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about how to clean the grill on the stove from grease and dirt. There is a very simple and effective way.

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