She paid $160 thousand to have her bones broken: what a model looks like who dared to take a crazy step for the sake of beauty. Photo.

The model is satisfied with the result

German model and Celebrity Big Brother star Theresia Fischer decided to undergo a complicated surgery to lengthen her legs due to bullying. Before the surgery, the blonde was 168 centimetres tall, and now she boasts long legs and a height of 182 centimetres. However, even now the girl continues to face criticism online.

OBOZREVATEL will show you how 31-year-old Theresia looked before the surgery and tell you how much she spent on the procedure and rehabilitation. As Fischer admitted, she feels happy and admires her reflection in the mirror (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The model paid $124,000 (4.5 million hryvnias) for the surgery. She spent another $36,000 (1.3 million hryvnias) on the recovery process and medications. As part of the procedure, Theresia's femurs were broken in both legs, and telescopic pins were implanted in them, which were pulled out a millimetre every day for three months. The girl then underwent a recovery process with pain in her nerves, tendons and muscle tissue.


"I feel happy now and I like my legs, but I still get angry comments on the internet. Why am I being bullied?" the German woman wonders. She has 146,000 followers on Instagram and about 200,000 on TikTok. The girl actively posts photos, shares details of her personal life and everyday life.


After taking a crazy step for the sake of beauty, the blonde began to be invited to various talk shows, where she talks about her experience and encourages girls to change their appearance if they are not satisfied with something. She also continues to act for brand commercials.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL showed what the world's shortest model looks like, standing just 102 centimetres tall. Dru Presta was born with achondroplasia, but this does not stop her from posing for fashion photographers and starring in lingerie. The girl proved that nothing is impossible.

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