"Save me": actress Kateryna Tyshkevych explains how and why she ended up in a psychiatric hospital

Kateryna Tyshkevych talks about the disease

The popular Ukrainian actress Kateryna Tyshkevych, who spent 10 days in intensive care in serious condition with sepsis due to an undiagnosed illness in December, said that even the strongest antidepressants stopped helping her since the start of the full-scale invasion. They had a negative impact on the star's body, but the unbearable migraines were even worse. For more than two years, the artist has been working with a psychotherapist who suggested that she go to the hospital to be under constant medical supervision, and the star patient agreed.

The seriously ill Tyshkevych first spoke about her condition and her journey in an interview with Alina Dorotiuk for her YouTube channel of the same name. She shared that after February 24, her already terrible condition was compounded by background anxiety, which clearly did not help her recovery.

"There is a certain group of antidepressants that affect chronic pain. There are several of them, I was on the oldest one, it was invented a long time ago, and it has a lot of side effects. What you can visually see is the excess weight: I was constantly losing and gaining. But the doctor kept me in a regimen with other neuroleptics and medications. And stress, a full-scale war knocked something out and something went wrong. Then I didn't take it for a long time, and it suddenly started working again, but only for two weeks. That is, in general, over the past two years, I have lived without a severe headache for only two weeks," the actress said.

Tyshkevych's admission to a psychiatric hospital was a voluntary decision. She was literally grasping at any opportunity to overcome her illness.

''Save me'': actress Kateryna Tyshkevych explains how and why she ended up in a psychiatric hospital

"At the time, I was working with a psychotherapist who was the head of the department. She was very busy, she had a lot of patients. And her suggestion was that I go to bed there so that we could work together psychotherapeutically during her breaks, during her free windows. And, of course, so that she could observe my reaction to this new antidepressant. That's why I ended up there," the star said.

Tyshkevych has been working with a psychotherapist for more than two years, once or twice a week. The doctor told her that some people need five or even all 7 years of such fruitful work without interruption to achieve results.

The antidepressant prescribed to Tyshkevych can be taken in the form of pills, but intravenous injections guarantee faster results.

"I was in such a state of exhaustion that I wanted the fastest possible effect and bigger doses. I wanted to do something because I couldn't stand it anymore. I came there in a very bad condition and begged them to save me," Kateryna said.

However, at that time the actress did not know that she was going to face sepsis and coma.

It should also be noted that Katia Tyshkevych's illness became known in the summer of 2022. The actress admitted on Instagram that she had been struggling with a mysterious illness - unbearable headaches - for eight years. The actress was planning a medical examination in Denmark. The money was raised by concerned Ukrainians, and Katia was supposed to go abroad. However, she received a message from the doctors that she could not be admitted in the near future because there was a very long waiting list for such an examination.

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