"Refused to move": 14-year-old Sasha's destroyed home from Imagine Dragons music video to be rebuilt by UNITED24

The clip has racked up more than 5 million views in a month

In May 2023, the famous American band Imagine Dragons released a music video for the song Crushed, which was filmed in Ukraine. The main character of the work was 14-year-old Sasha from Mykolaiv region, whose house was destroyed as a result of the occupants' shelling. Bend wanted to support the "Rebuilding Ukraine" direction of UNITED24 platform. It is now known that the teenager's home will be rebuilt.

Some fragments of the building were completely destroyed, so they will have to be rebuilt from scratch. Sasha and his family were offered to move to another village or town, but they refused, because the boy wants to return home. This is why the donor UNITED24, the chain of multi-markets, will undertake the reconstruction of the house (to see the pictures, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"Sasha's house has been significantly destroyed, and whole pieces have to be rebuilt from scratch. So we decided to add a couple more rooms and a veranda, which was Sasha's mother's dream. The builders are in a hurry, promising to deliver the work in a couple of months. All the teams involved in this project feel involved in the story of a guy who refused any offers to move to the city or another village, a new house or a flat, because his only dream is to return to his home," comments the co-founder of the well-known multi-market chain.


In a month, the video received more than 5 million views. The American band members drew the world's attention to the devastation that Russia is inflicting on Ukraine through the music video. The music video was directed by Ty Arnold. He is the author of the most popular Imagine Dragons videos.

"I met Sasha when I was delivering humanitarian aid to his village, Novohryhorivka. I was looking at the ruined houses and noticed Sasha wandering around alone. We started chatting and I found out his story and made a video of him as we talked. After talking to Imagine Dragons about the music video, I felt that footage of Sasha could tell an important story about Ukraine and the war," said Ty Arnold.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that singer Svitlana Loboda visited eastern Ukraine and Kherson with a humanitarian mission. The singer personally handed over the money collected after her concert in Riga and humanitarian aid to volunteers. She also performed a famous track by Kuzma Skryabin.

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