Putinist Oskar Kuchera threw mud at the US, which is allegedly at war with Russia, but refused to hand over his son's US passport

Oscar Kucera disgraced the United States, but refused to surrender his US passport

The popular Russian actor Oskar Kuchera, who fiercely supports the terrorist war in Ukraine and the Putin regime, has once again disgraced himself with the incoherence and contradictory nature of his opinions on the situation in the world. First, the Putinist disgraced America, and then refused to hand over the American passport of his son, who was born in Miami.

The absurd statements of the Z-patriot were broadcast on the propaganda programme Life and Fate on the federal channel Russia 1. The host Boris Korchevnikov, after hearing the actor's narrative that Russia is at war with America, suggested that he demonstratively tear up or throw away his son's passport, but Kuchera immediately backed down (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"Today, America is fighting us not only with the hands of Ukrainians. They are fighting us with their own hands," Kuchera disgraced the United States.

A few minutes later, Korchevnikov asked: "Don't you want to hand over your American passport? This is an enemy country, let's give up this citizenship."

Kuchera abruptly interrupted him and handed him over: "America is not our enemy. The American government, which is currently sitting on the throne, is the enemy. Let's not confuse the two".


The actor also tried to justify his son's American passport with absurd statements that his child was born in "another world".

"My child was born in America in another life, in another world... When no one had heard of a pandemic or any conflict... When no one could even think that we, Russia, could fight with anyone. It was a different world. If you ask me now if I would have gone, I would say: "No". And then, why not, I gave my child the opportunity to travel the world without visas," the star of Russian TV shows naively tried to explain himself.

Meanwhile, Korchevnikov continued to insist on his point and explain to the guest why America was "so bad", using completely absurd arguments: "I simply do not separate my American passport from the American state. You are a part of this state, you abide by its laws, you agree, etc., and this state is at war with us. That's the first thing, and the second thing is that the Church of Satan is there, and they will push this whole programme of dehumanisation, of same-sex marriage... This is also part of their state. For me, to have this passport is to agree with this outright Satanism."

In response, the artist could not think of anything better than to call the American passport "just a piece of paper". However, as one might have guessed, he is in no hurry to throw away this "piece of paper".


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that the network was blown up by Yuriy Dud's interview with Oscar Kuchera. The actor's absurd and controversial statements were ridiculed in the comments, but some Internet users drew attention to another important detail - the Putinist came to the recording wearing a T-shirt from the Ukrainian brand Benya & Zubrik. Read more about this in our article.

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