Propagandist Mikhalkov made a ridiculous gift for 700 occupiers: what he sent to the front line

Mikhalkov sent 700 books to the occupiers at the front

Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov, who persistently promotes Putin's regime, arranged a ridiculous "surprise" for the occupiers. The Russian sent 700 copies of a book with "frontline poems" to the frontline.

The author of the poetry, which, according to the Putinist, will be read by terrorists in the trenches, was the director's late father, Sergei Mikhalkov. The propagandists also claimed that the philanthropist met with the occupiers in person (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

The pro-government REN TV channel aired a story where Mikhalkov, surrounded by soldiers, talks about his generosity in a warehouse, which is supposed to inspire the occupiers to unite to kill Ukrainians. According to the star, a book with poems and military illustrations should help them do so.


"I don't think the boys who receive these books will be able to treat them indifferently. Either together or not at all," the propagandist said.

The books for the Russian terrorists were "carefully" packed together with their uniforms. Mikhalkov's initiative was supported by Russian officials.


The director also added that he is ready to repeat the "charity event" and launch an even larger circulation of poetry if the occupiers enjoy reading at the frontline. Apparently, the artist believes that cultural poetry evenings accompanied by the sound of bullets whistling will help terrorists fight the defenders of Ukraine.

As a reminder, the odious director Nikita Mikhalkov was included in the new EU sanctions list because of his active propaganda stance.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Mikhalkov called the Ukrainian language a "disaster" for Russia, as it is the language that is allegedly used to express hatred for the aggressor country and spread Russophobia.

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