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How to choose the perfect jeans

Finding jeans that fit your figure perfectly and harmoniously fit into all outfits and styles is quite a quest. This versatile, time-tested wardrobe item can visually ruin your figure if you choose the wrong model.

Of course, there are current trends and trends, and fashion changes every season. However, in the pursuit of fashion, you should not lose your sense of style. Not everyone will look good in trendy culottes or flared jeans. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out how to choose jeans that harmoniously emphasise the advantages of each body type.

Low-waisted jeans if you have excess weight on the sides

Low-waisted jeans are becoming relevant again. This is a top trend of the 2000s. If in your youth you adored a bare stomach, short tops and low-rise jeans, this is your chance to return to your tumultuous student or school years. However, please note that not everyone can wear such jeans. You need to have a really slim figure to afford a low waist. If you have extra pounds on your stomach or sides, these jeans will make you look denser.


Jeans made of thin denim that are too tight

Slim or skinny jeans can make your figure look slimmer. But there are nuances. If you choose a pair of skinny jeans made of poor quality material (we're talking about thin denim that stretches well and gathers in folds on the legs), you can add a few extra pounds - at least visually. It will not look very aesthetically pleasing.


Who is better to avoid flared jeans

If you have a feminine and appetising pear shape, it's best to avoid flared jeans. They will definitely not emphasise your advantages, but only focus on your disadvantages. They will make your legs look shorter and fuller than they really are.


Whose figure will be ruined by culottes

Culottes are one of the most versatile models that will suit almost all body types. With one exception - jeans are contraindicated for the "apple" body type. You can level all the advantages of your figure and visually turn into a shapeless square.


High-waisted jeans and the apple shape

High-waisted jeans are great for hiding flaws, but not always. Experts say that if you have a distinctly apple-shaped body type, it is better not to tighten your stomach and emphasise it. You should choose models with a medium fit.


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